Experience The Video PULL.

PULL is a short documentary film that delves into reflections on journeying the cold Northern Canadian landscape by dog sled.

S E E    B E H I N D   T H E   S C E N E S   A N D   M O R E.  

Your Guide; Burton Penner

Burton Penner comes from an ancestral line of men who live with the land.  Born into all that the outdoors encompasses, his hands-on experience is obvious when on adventures with him.

“God has given all of us the ability to appreciate beauty and the greatest work of art is all around us in this creation, even the best works of are art are only a reflection of that original work.” -Burton

Please Share Your Memories!

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In The Off Season

Burton is also an artist and woodworker, who’s work can be seen all over Northwestern Ontario.  While the ice is out, he paints on canvas, builds cabins and works wood.

You can see An Online Portfolio of his work here.