Make Tracks This Winter with Borealis and Book for 2018!

Borealis Dogsled Adventures will put together a once in a lifetime adventure for your school, organization or family.

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Borealis Dogsled Adventures has happily paired with schools in the past and major corporations to provide the most intensive northern experience you can find in Canada.

Consider these Hands On Learning Experiences for all ages during;

  • Presentations
  • Rides
  • Daytrips
  • Multi-Day Adventures


*Children 12 and under are half price
*Minimum of 2 participants are required for every tour

Day Trips with Lunch Provided

1 Day
10am-4pm approx.
$190 per participant

Overnight Adventures

2 Days and 1 Night – All meals included

Custom Multi-Day Adventures

From 3-10 day Expeditions.
Inquire about our rates.
*All Rates are subject to HST

Reservations are required, please phone or email us as soon as possible to book your unforgettable adventure.

*Upon reservation, we will ask for a deposit with every booking.

There’s also a little paperwork to fill out before your adventure.

Start filling in our CONTRACT.