This is a learning adventure for all ages.

Whether its an outing with family and friends or on a school program, you will leave with have discovered something new about the wilderness, the dogs and yourself.

All ages can learn something during an adventure with Borealis Dogsled Adventures.  School programs on conservation, Canada’s history of the fur trade, trapping and tending to the dog sled team are just some of the topics that can be explored.


The Huskies love kids and enjoy anyone giving them affection and praise.


Your Guide; Burton Penner

Burton Penner comes from an ancestral line of men who live with the land.  Born into all that the outdoors encompasses, his hands-on experience is obvious when on adventures with him.

“God has given all of us the ability to appreciate beauty and the greatest work of art is all around us in this creation, even the best works of are art are only a reflection of that original work.” -Burton

Learn and experience what it means to live off the land, without impacting the environment.  Step back in time with a timeless land.

Experience the video PULL.

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