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Meet the Dogs

You will be amazed by the huskies passion to run.

All with different names and personalities these hard working sled dogs will be the stars of your adventure.

You will be hands on learning about the history of dog sledding including harnessing and caring for the dogs.  The depth of the experience is up to you!  Depending on how involved you are interested in getting during the excursion.


Every Adventure with Borealis Dogsled Adventure is Unforgettable!  Book Now!


About Borealis


The Camps

During longer excursions, nights on the trails are spent in the Penner’s outpost cabin along the family trapping line.

After tending to the dogs, equipment and necessary supplies; this rustic cabin will provide warmth and place to relax after a day on the trail.

Enjoy some time to yourself, watch the fire and exchange stories. The winter chill will be taken off by a wood stove heated cabin.